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Barbed Wires

Coil Specifications

1.40 to 1.60 40 – 100 440/480mm 570/650mm
1.60 to 2.00 50 – 100 480/570mm 650/720mm
2.00 & above 100 – 250 520/560mm 670/720mm


The coils are normally supplied in unoiled condition with Polythene & Hessian/ HDPE or as per customer's requirement. We specialize in supplying Cable Armouring wires to customer's actual needs.

We offer an extensive range of chain link from Hot Dip G.I.Wire for diverse businesses at competitive prices. Our range of chain link is appreciated for

  • Precise dimension
  • Durability
  • long operating life

Offered as per client specifications our range of products is designed according to international quality standards.

The G.I. Wires are used in manufacturing Wire netting, Wire mesh, Fencing, Barbing, as well as other general applications. We use highest quality raw materials for manufacturing our products. Utilizing professionals with hands-on experience our products are highly durable and easily available in the market at best prices.

We offer a wide range of superior quality galvanized steel wire that is extensively used as overhead ground wire or static wires. We have firmly established ourselves as one of the prominent steel wire manufacturers.

Application Area

  • POverhead transmission line
  • Guying of pole
  • Earthing of the overhead transmission line

We offer Galvanized Wire in different ranges. It is extensively used in industries like automobile, electric/electronics, tools rooms and many more. We also provide galvanized wire to our esteemed customers according to their demand of size, weight and quality.

Galvanized Wire & Galvanized Metal Wire is designed to prevent rusting and gives shiny silver color. It is an extremely versatile wire, used by landscapers, craft makers, ribbon manufacturers, tag manufacturers, jewelers, contractors etc. It is perfect for beading and for use in displays and projects. It's aversion to rust makes it extremely useful around the shipyard, in the backyard, or anywhere else.

Galvanized iron welded wire mesh is the most economic offering among our welded wire mesh products. Galvanized welded iron wire mesh is divided into electro galvanized welded wire mesh and hot-dipped galvanized welded wire mesh according to treatment.

Durable and long lasting galvanized steel wires are extensively used in making wire ropes and various types of springs. We offer clients all the different varieties of galvanized steel wires, which are mainly used for binding purposes in line applications.

These steel wires are manufactured out of zinc coated galvanized steel wires for earthing of power transmission line as well as guying and supporting of poles. It consists of three or more wires built up in concentric layers and are stranded together in a manner that when an evenly distributed pull is applied at the end of completed strand each wire takes an equal share of the pull.


TWe are one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of filtration mediums and stainless steel fencing materials. Our products are widely used in the manufacturing, mining and construction industries for their filtration, extrusion, sieving and fencing needs.

Nirmala Industries are one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of filtration mediums and fencing materials. We offer a complete line of high quality fence systems in both traditional and unique styles. Our full line of products include vinyl, wood, ornamental, and chain-link fences and automated gates for residential, commercial, industrial, and high security applications.

Our Fencing materials are

  • Wire Mesh
  • Welded Mesh
  • Perforated Sheets
  • Chain Link Fencing

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing provides a safe and secure boundary for permanent, semi-permanent or temporary applications at lower cost than conventional fences. This non-lethal electric fencing system is a powerful intruder deterrent, which can be attached to an existing perimeter fence or used as a stand alone fence. Most electric fencing is today used for agricultural fencing and other forms of animal control purposes, though it is frequently used to enhance security of sensitive areas.

Nirmala industries are committed to supplying a complete system of quality electric fencing products and services to the farmer. Nirmala supplies the highest quality accessories such as insulators, fence reels, polywires and tapes, gate hardware and fence standards.

Through a combination of the latest technology and knowledge gained from years of experience in the industry, Nirmala provides a reliable safe system, offering the potential to significantly improve stock and pasture control. This means increased production and profitability for you.

Garden Fencing

Garden fencing can be used effectively in outdoor applications in home and public places like gardens and lawns, road sections, swimming pools and walkways. Garden fencings are very popular among all fencings. Salient features of decorative garden fencing are as follows:

  • Decorative garden fencings are a nice addition to the whole garden decoration
  • There are various types of fencings available like wood fencings, iron fencings etc
  • Polywood garden fencings are very easy to place, clean and replace

Garden Fence Designs

Best suited for colonial homes, wooden fences provide a simple, but elegant look to your home and garden. The best bet is split rail fence, which is available, readymade, and can be easily installed in a single day. Split rail fences provide a rustic look to your garden.

Vinyl fences resemble their traditional counterparts - wood. One of the main advantages of using vinyl fencing for garden is their low maintenance. Moreover, they can withstand damages caused by climate and domestic animals.

Dry Stone Walls
Dry Stone Walls provide an authentic look to your garden. Make sure that your garden is spacious enough to accommodate the large sized rocks of the fence. If you are looking for a fence that can provide high security to your garden, at the same time, is frugal, then dry stone walls will be the best bet.

Bamboo Fence
Bamboo fence is one of the most common types of garden fences. Bamboo looks great, when used to provide a boundary to your garden. Another advantage of bamboo fence is its low cost. It is easy to maintain and is dependable for providing security.

White Picket Fence
They provide a simple, yet elegant look to your garden; it gives a clear yet good looking boundary from your neighborhood. White picket fence is recommended for those, who are looking for frugal ways to fence their garden.