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About Us


Investing in properties apart, safeguarding them is of paramount importance. New or existing properties, clearly demarcating boundaries by fencing them and protecting them against encroachers gains prominence in today’s competitive world.

Constructing solid walls being a costly proposition Nirmala Industries offers customers a cost effective and safe solution without compromising on quality. Our best in industry fencing solutions cater to all kinds of properties irrespective of their size or industry. Our wide ranges of fencing solutions include Chain Link fences, nettings, meshes&fences of your choice. We recognize that Customer needs vary and we are steadfast to fulfilling your needs whether your need is quick delivery, specific dimension tolerances, superior quality, price, or a combination of the above. Our customers can choose from a wide array of our solutions and procure any type of nettings, meshes&fences in their own desired patterns, like square, rounded, hexagonal, etc.

As an exclusive manufacturer of precision wires, Nirmala Industries offers the complete fencing production service from a single source: Casting, rolling, drawing, annealing and electroplating. This provides our customers with one hundred percent traceability and a consistently high level of quality and process stability. Together with our partners from industry and research, we initiate and develop new products and procedures. Therefore, our customers will profit today and in the future, from a continued leading edge in quality, innovation and performance.

Equipped with the latest machineries and other relevant infrastructure Nirmala Industries production of wire nets, fences and chain links in galvanized, steel, mild steel and any other metals procured from leading raw material manufacturers ensure fencing solutions of the highest quality.

Businesses focus on a long-term perspective while simultaneously taking into consideration environmental issues like abilities for reusing, recycling, durability, aesthetics and impact on immediate society. Stainless steel is a marvel of the century becoming increasingly popular by the day due to its strength, durability and almost zero impact on environment with the capability of being remolded any number of times to any new shape.

Our Quality

A stringent quality process ensures that our products are manufactured to world class standards. We, at Nirmala Industries, live this commitment to quality in our daily production.Such sustainable quality assurance is possible because we as a wire manufacturer are equipped with our own foundry and electroplating equipments. In addition our lab where the entire production process is centrally monitored enables to identify deviations in process that can be immediately rectified by our specialists.Another building block for constant product quality: Our use of exclusive virgin metals for the production of our precision wires.

Our Infrastructure

Nirmala Industries is equipped with State-of-the-Art machinaries and equipments. Our fully automated machines can be programmed to operate for hours which obviate manual labor and enhance the quality and the volume of production. Nirmala Industries warehousing facility capable of storing large quantities of raw material and finished products for long durations of time enables us to rapidly ramp up production and supply on demand.